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During 30 years precast concrete product production, we realized that the traditional equipment can't full-fill the development of infrastructure.

After years investigation in domestic and abroad market, Dingli engaged in precast machinery manufacturing industry 12 years ago.

We formed a team of mechanical engineers, precast production engineers and civil professor from Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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Ingenious R&D

With the leader from Chinese Academy of Sciences and engineers who skilled at mechanical engineering and robotization system, we can always create competitive products for the development of our client.

45 years experience

More than 45 years precast experience: what we provide is not only machines but also overall training and skills coaching.

Quality Control System

Dingli has developed a strict QC system from raw material and semi-finish inspection to final testing.

Customized solution

We dedicate to provide our customer with customized solutions according to their unique situation and requirement.


Director of C.M.Pantro

Dingli is the most efficient company I have ever been cooperating with as the urgent order in civil engineering, they helped us finalized the installation and training in two weeks.That helped us a lot to win the project.

Sameul from Ghana

I studied several months of the precast machine before I went to Dingli. As a user, their machine is nothing different with the well-known brand but more cost-effective .I'm happy with the operation after 3 years production.

HJ Development SDN.BHD Mr. Chang

DINGLI has the high level of professionalism and quality of their workmanship. They provide excellent services, friendly and knowledgeable as well as being good value for my money.


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