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About Dingli

During 30 years precast concrete product production, Dingli realized that the traditional equipment can not full-fill the development of infrastructure. After years investigation in domestic and abroad market, Dingli engaged in precast machinery manufacturing industry 12 years ago and formed a team of mechanical engineers, precast production engineers and civil professor from Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The team focused on precast concrete solution and customization since the beginning. Aimed at precast your idea into shape, Dingli Construction Machinery helps our client and friends to create innovative equipment solution, provide the full experience concrete production skills and offer the seamless after-sale training and services.

After 12 years improvement, Dingli construction machinery has developed a whole precast solution from fully automatic production systems to individual machines to meet each individual’s demand. With more than 45 years precast experience, Dingli has formed a 10-person overseas aftersales team to provide timely aftersales services and production training.

Thanks, each customer and friend for being our Co-designer, we work together to create the innovative equipment which suits their unique site and Personalized situation. Meanwhile, we provide them the durable machines, overall production skills and seamless after-sales training and services for return.

With the trust from our clients, Dingli construction machinery has helped them manufactured over 173000 kilometers(that’s 3 times of the circumference of the earth) underground pipelines worldwide, and this number keeps growing along with the bond between the client and us enhance.

Our Executive Team


Wilbin Yao


As the founder of Dingli Construction Machinery, Mr. Yao grown up from a concrete precast factory owned by his father. After the retirement of the old man, Mr. Yao started the machinery career instead of carrying on making concrete products.

staff 1

Mr. Cao


Delicate his full life in municipal administration design and research has traveled around the world to study the design of precast concrete products. His publication of Technical handbook of precast concrete culvert has become the textbook since the day came out.

staff 2

Mr. Zhao

Head of Design

Skilled in mechanical engineering and robotization system, Mr. Zhao devoted himself to the precast machinery design since he graduated from the college. He always absents from his office for he spends most of the time in our workshop, manufacturing plant and the client’s factory. He believes that customer-friendly design comes from the experience.


Manufacturing Facilities

laser cuting machine

Laser Cuting Machine


Manufacturing Facility

laser machine

Laser Machine




Vertical Lathe


Rolling Machine

Chuanlong Zhao

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