Things You Should Know About Vibration Concrete Pipe Machine

One of my client Antonio from the Philippines came to inspect our pipe machine yesterday, the process he producing concrete pipes currently is using the manual mold, the reason he wanted to update his concrete pipe plant is to improve the efficiency.

On our way drive back to the factory from the airport, he said that Pony, I have learned so much about all the machines on the web, but there are so many types, how can you help me to work out the best solution?

There are types of machines outside there on the market indeed, but our purpose is to improve the daily output at the meantime, get qualified pipes with high density and strength of the civil project and selling.

In order to help him to wok out the solution for her requirement, I made some points that help him to make his option.

The first machine he requested is the horizontal concrete pipe machine

spinning concrete pipe machine

The horizontal concrete pipe machine has a long history, and widely used for its simple structure and operation. With the half-dry concrete as material spinning inside the mold to form the shape.

cocnrete pipe mold

The quality of pipe made by this machine mainly based on the skill and experience of the operator, the density and strength is lower than other pipes made by other machines. The main flow of pipes during the making process is that the steel cage may go deformed during rotating of mold; and the thickness may be thicker than designed, that because the pipe forms under the spinning force and the pressure between roller and mold, if we filling moderate concrete, the pipe is not completely compacted by roller and cause the unexpected quality, if we filling more concrete, the pipe could be compacted completely, but the thickness may more than we designed.

concrete pipe mold

Invest for this machine seems lower than other equipment, but we need multiple molds for each size to meet the daily output, as the mold cannot be removed until the concrete become solid.  As experiences, machine with multiple molds, the investment may equal to the vibration pipe machines.

The other issue you may take into consideration is that if the mold and the machine are not made inaccurate dimension, the machine and mold bounce a lot during the production, that could be a potential bomb to the safety of operators.


After the brief introduction of the roller suspension concrete pipe machine, Antonio said that, pony, I’m outdated using the manual mold, I don’t want to invest in another traditional facility once again. Please give more introduction of the vibration machine.

The next one I introduced to Antonio is the double shifts vertical vibration concrete pipe machine.

Vertical concrete pipe machine
double shift concrete pipe machine

Using the core mandrel vibrator to generate high-frequency vibration force to form the pipe into shape. The 6000rpm vibration frequency and powerful force is strong enough to liquefy the concrete during production, and make the particles of concrete full fil space between aggregate to acquire the high density and strength, which are very important for the durable of concrete pipes. With the central control panel and electric chart for delivering pipes, only two operators could run the whole production plant.

Antonio asked me why the 6000 rpm so important? Other companies vibration frequency could up to 3000-4000, are there any differences?

This is a technical issue some of the pipe machine user may ignore when they inspect the machine. The appearance of the machine and mold is quite obvious to see and check, but the frequency, its hard to tell until you actually operate the machine.

Why exactly high frequency like 6000rpm important? The diameter of aggregate we use during the production is 5-25mm, and most of them are 15mm particles, some sand particles are even within 5mm. take the range of the diameter of aggregate and the energy decrement of vibration force into consideration, 6000rpm is the best to liquefy the concrete and get the high density and strength concrete pipes. If the vibration frequency is less than 6000rpm, it's not strong enough to liquefy the concrete, and the small particles can not full fill all the spaces of the concrete, that’s the reason why there are so many air pockets on the surface of the pipes and the water permeability is too high.

I also showed this chart to Antonio to help him compare all these concrete pipe machines.

Machines Quality of pipe Appearance of pipe Efficiency Eco-friendly Cement consumption Energy consumption
Centrifugal pipe machine Good Good Low Low High high
Horizontal pipe machine Medium Medium Medium Medium Low high
Manual mold Good Good Low Medium Medium low
Vertical vibration machine good medium high High low medium
Radial press machine Medium meidum Very high high low medium

After these detailed introductions, Antonio know which machine to choose as well as we all know.

Let me know in the comment if you have any questions.

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