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double cell culverts

With the instruction from the top engineer, the 22.7 tons precast double cell concrete box culvert lifts gently up, and then land on the tunnel foundation, all joint well connected and sealed. The first underground concrete box culvert line in Guangzhou starts to install on 25th May. Dingli concrete box culvert mold played the role to form the box culvert into shape.



Manufacturing of Double Cell Concrete Box Culvert.

  • Reinforced wires manufacturing for the concrete box culvert.

  • Assemble the mold and the wires. The customized mold is easy to operate.

  • Starts filling the concrete. This mold uses the wet cast methods, with the vibration from high-frequency vibrators, the production cycle could be shortened.

  • Steam Curing. The heat from the boiler enables the box culvert to gain strength and density in short time.

  • Release the mold after the concrete reaches the standard strength.

  • Finished Concrete Box Culvert is ready to use.

Installation of the double cell concrete box culvert.

  • Foundation building of the tunnel.

  • Overturning of the double cell concrete box culvert.

  • Lifting and installation of the concrete culverts.

double cell culverts

  • Finished Installation.




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