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Vertical vibration process characteristics

The original inner and outer die are combined to form the gap of tube body shape. The wet concrete is poured into the gap and vibrator or attached vibrator is used to vibrate and shape.

Simple operation, until the concrete solidification to a certain extent can open the internal mold and external mold.

Less investment in ancillary equipment, just a blender and a hoist to produce.

        Vertical vibration moulds


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Essential equipment for concrete pipe manufacturing

concrete pipe machine

Concrete pipes are widely used for their features of high strength and durable. More and more cities using large diameter concrete pipes as the utility tunnel instead of drainage underground while cable interlacing in the sky. As the development of industriousness and the mechanization, more and more factories adopted fully automatic plant instead of the traditional machine which uses more labor than the current system. Robotized by automatic accessories makes the plant more industrial, but the most essential parts for concrete pipe manufacturing remains.

What is the essential equipment for concrete pipe manufacturing?

Concrete pipe making machine.

Sure thing that this machine is the significant machines to make concrete pipes. There are several different machines which equipped with different technologies, centrifugal concrete pipe machine, roller suspension concrete pipe machine, the vibration concrete pipe machine, vertical concrete pipe machine and the radial press pipe machine.

Centrifugal concrete pipe machine is the only one uses wet concrete as the material, factories gradually abundant this process because it’s un-ecofriendly, and uses a lot of cement compared with the half-dry concrete technology. Labor cost is another reason people may dismiss this machine as we all know that labor cost is going high these days.

horizontal concrete pipe machineRoller suspension concrete pipe machine is invented by two engineers in AU, it’s still widely used in Asia for its simple structure, easy maintenance, and simple operation. However, this machine isn’t the perfection for mass production. As we can not open the mold instantly until the concrete becomes hard, it takes at least 8 hours to use the same mold for the next production cycle. Way to solve this is to have more molds for each size. The total investment will raise high when multiple molds are used in the plant.

Vertical concrete pipe machine uses the vibration technology, to compact the concrete to the maximum strength and density, and liquefy the cement paste during the production, it’s considered to be the most quality machine to produce the concrete product. Half-concrete as aggregate and after the high-frequency vibration force, the mold could be removed immediately after production, that enables us to have only one mold for each size. Because of the adjustable vibration force in this machine, the same machine can make concrete pipes, box culverts, manholes and other concrete products as designed.

Wire cage welding machine for concrete pipe manufacturing

Automatic wire cage welding machine is necessary for mass production. With only one worker’s operation, this machine could weld different sizes of wire cages in short time we can imagine.


Concrete batching plant.

For the traditional machine like roller suspension type, JS750 & PLD1200 batching plant is enough for use. But for the vertical vibration concrete pipe machine, the best choice would be the Planetary mixer. If the pipe plant is designed for automatic working, then the central controlled batching plant is the option.

Lifting equipment.

Crane plays an important role in mold lifting and pipe transportation. The span of the crane should cover the whole active area of the pipe plant. As the span and other specification of the crane are hard to be amended after installation, so the whole factory layout design should be made at the start.


The steam heat generated boiler used to shorten the hardness time of the concrete. It’s an important tool for making pipes in low-temperature area and in the urgent civil project. The boiler heat could make the concrete pipes to 70% strength in 4 hours or even more short. The capacity of boiler depends on the whole plant and the daily output.

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RCC Spun Pipe Manufacturing Machine

RCC spun pipe manufacturing machine is widely used in civil project and road construction, using the half-dry concrete as aggregate, compact the concrete into designed shape and sizes with the spun pipe making machine. The production cycle for each pipe could within 25 min, it's much efficient than the traditional manual process.

Proportion for RCC spun pipe manufacturing.

The cement, sand, stone is the main material for the aggregate, and the detailed proportion can be made according to the local standard, here are the details you main consider: concrete specification

The principle of pipe machine and the manufacturing manual.

Rcc spun pipe manufacturing machine is popular for its simple structure and easy maintenance. Consisting of machine structure, motors, roller, front frame, belt and control panel, assembles with different sizes of molds to make specific dimension of concrete pipes.

The steel mold rotates together with the roller and mold fills concrete into the high-speed spinning mold. the spinning force generated by this process compacts the concrete onto the inner wall of the mold. When the concrete thicker than the mold, the roller press the concrete in high strength. The concrete pipes forms during this process, spinning and compacting until the pipe becomes completely compacted and gained the smooth surface.

The main manufacturing flow is, concrete batching and mixing, delivery, start the pipe machine, adjust the rotating speed to 500rpm, then start to fill the concrete into the mold, turn the rotating speed to 1200rpm gradually to get concrete pipes compacted. Stop the machine when inner surface seems nice and smooth, lift the mold to the curing area. The steel mold cannot be removed until the concrete become hard enough. Water spreading curing still needed after the pipe in the stock area.

Quality issues may happen during the manufacturing process.

RCC spun pipe manufacturing machine is easy to operate, but the quality of the pipes mainly depends on the operation of the workers, unstable of the quality issue can happen is the worker is not experienced.

1.The inner surface is not smooth and even enough. why is this happen? The unconstant concrete filling could cause this problem. the resolution is filling the concrete in constant speed, when the roller touches the concrete, stop the filling and gradually turn the rotating speed to 1200rpm, to generate the centrifugal force and compacted the concrete, the pipe could acquire the high strength and density in 5-7 min.

2. The out surface is not smooth. There are two main reasons cause the defect of the pipe. The first one is the dry cement paste. Workers should clean the inner surface of the steel mold after demoulding to make sure there is no paste glue on the mold surface. The other reason causes the rough surface of the pipe is the concrete is too dry. make the concrete proportion strickaccordingg to standard, and shorten the delivery distance during production to prevent the water from evaporating.



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Tips for Concrete Pipe Installation

Concrete pipes have been playing an significant role in underground pipe line, installation of concrete pipes is quite common in civil projects. Here are some tips may help you to improve the installation efficiency during the project.

concrete pipes
  1. Seals for pipe joint. Usages of rubber rings at the joint of the pipes instead of rubber strip.

2. lay the pipes immediately after the ditch is made, and backfill the soil instantly after the pipes is well installed. In some civil project, the pipes installs long after the ditch are made, install the pipe prompt after the ditch is made, is a better way.

concrete pipe lifting

3. There is lifting hook on the excavator , lifting after excavating to improve the efficiency.

lifting of concrete pips

4.Timbering could be used during the installation. It is not necessary to use the timbering when the ditch is not deep. However, the timbering will helps a lot when install in deep ditch. Two sides timbering and the support of the steel tube is easy to make, but convenient to use.

5.The gutter channel on the bottom of manhole base is precasted.

precast manhole

6. Use the laser locate during the straight installation and total station during the reverse installation.

Concrete Box Culvert Manufacturing Process

The concrete box culverts are widely used in utility tunnel. How are the box culverts made?  The concrete box culvert mold is the main facilities during the manufacturing process.

Wet-casting and dry-casting are the main methods have been adopted worldwide at present.

We-cast concrete box culvert mold-Horizontal type.

The wet-cast concrete box culvert steel mold uses the inner mold stick bar to open and shut, it's easy to operate and de-mold.


We-cast concrete box culvert mold-Vertical type.

This method precast the box culvert vertically. The mold is designed to collapsed type,

with the connection of steel rod, it's easy to assemble and remove.


The out mold runs on the rails, which is very easy to open and shut.

Dry-cast Concrete Box Culvert Mold

Using vibration machine to produce concrete box culvert become more and more common, the same vibration machine can be used to make circular pipes and rectangular box culvert.

Another method to make box culvert is vibration table. The vibration table and dry cast concrete box culvert mold is suitable to make small concrete products.

Comparision of different concrete box culvert mold

  1.  wet cast concrete box culvert mold horizontal type is very suitable to make small box culvert, the mold is easy to assemble and open, the finished culvert has the feature of the nice surface, and small enough to easily transport.
  2. wet cast concrete box culvert mold vertical type can make concrete box culvert with different joint, to meet different requirement of varies projects; this mold is ordinary to make large concrete box culvert.
  3. vibration concrete box culvert mold use the half-dry concrete as aggregate, the finished product has high density and strength, and the mold removes instantly after production. This is very perfect for mass production and urgent civil projects.

Concrete box culvert manufacturing process

  1. Steel bar frame welding
  2. Lifting the steel frame to the box culvert mold.

3. Assembling the mold

4. Filling Concrete

5. Curing process

6. Demoulding


7. Finished Product


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Things You Should Know About Horizontal Concrete Pipe Machine

horizontal concrete pipe machine

How Does Horizontal Concrete Pipe Machine Work?

concrete pipe machine drawing
drawing of the roller suspension concrete pipe machine

The horizontal concrete pipe machine, also called roller suspension concrete pipe machine. The steel roller is driven by the motor, rotating at high speed along with the mold. Filling the concrete into the steel mold, the concrete spinning at high frequency, spread on the inner surface of the mold. With filling concrete, the thickness of concrete become thicker and thicker and starting compacted by the steel roller. Compacted with roller press and centrifugal force, the concrete forms the pipe shape and gains smooth surface.

The specification of horizontal concrete pipe machine is significant to the finished concrete pipes, the machine should be designed according to the pipe standard, accessories machinery, steel mold. One horizontal concrete pipe machine makes 3 or 4 specifications of pipes, according to the production experience, specifications of horizontal concrete pipe machines see below:

Diameter Span
Pipe Length
Roller Diameter
Motor Power
300-500 2000-2500 110 10
600-1000 2500-3000 250 30
1200-1500 3000 350-450 60
1600-2000 3000 450-500 90
2200-2400 3000 500-550 120

How do we work out this? Its according to the roller and diameter. Roller: diameter=1:4~1:5, the smaller the roller diameter ratio, the smaller contact surface between roller and concrete, the bigger of the pressure; the bigger the roller diameter ratio, the smaller pressure between roller and concrete. However, if the roller & diameter ratio is too small, the concrete would difficult to form the pipe shape, and the defect may happen.

Pipe Diameter
Rotation During Filling
Concrete Filling Period
During Rolling
Rolling Period
300 130-140 3--5 100-110 2--3
600 120-130 4--6 90-100 3--4
900 110-120 5--7 80-90 4--5
1150 100-110 8--10 75-85 6--7
1800 85-90 10--13 70-80 8--10
2200 70-75 12--15 60-70 10--15

Concrete specification for horizontal concrete pipe machine

  • Cement. High-early-strength portland cement is the priority to concrete pipes, the initial setting time should less than 100 min. In order to improve the production efficiency, rapid hardening sulphate cement is better than others in the winter season.
  • Sand. River sand which fineness modulus between 2.2-2.3 is good for concrete pipes, the silt content should within 2%.
  • Stone. Stone for horizontal concrete pipe machine should not too big, if the diameter of stone is too big, the cement and sand is not easy to full fill the space between stones, and the concrete pipe is hard to be compacted to high density and strength. The diameter of pipes should not too small too. Its good to the surface and the permeability resistance using small stone, but this will reduce the strength of the pipes. The best way is to choose the appropriate aggregate proportion, to improve the density and strength and gain the smooth surface at the same time. For large diameter pipes, the diameter of stone among 5-25mm; medium diameter of pipes use stone among 5-20mm, for small diameter of pipes, the diameter of stone should among 5-15mm.
  • Mineral admixture. Mineral admixture like coal ash, slag power matters a lot to improve the workability of concrete, and improve the durability and permeability resistance.
  • The concrete ratio for horizontal concrete pipe machine see specifications below.
Strength Class Cement Sand
Fineness Modulus
Stone (Max Diameter)
Mineral admixture Ratio
(cement:sand:stone:water:coal ash)
C30 P.O42.5 2.3--3.0 25 20--40 coal ash 1:2.54:3.97:0.38:0.12
C40 P.O42.5 2.3--3.0 25 20--40 coal ash 1:2.07:3.52:0.39:0.14

Curing of  horizontal concrete pipe machine

The concrete pipes made by horizontal concrete pipe machine cure with the mold together. The inner mold is circular and less water in the half-dry concrete, so the period of warm-up and cooling down will be shorter.

Pre-curing Heat Up constant
Time(H) >2 3 5 >2
35 35-75 75±5 to normal
portland slag cement 40 40-95 95±5 to normal

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Lined Concrete Pipe Making Machine

Corrosion-resistant Concrete Pipes

Concrete pipes are widely used in sewer drainage system. However, the sulfuric acid from wasted water can make the concrete pipes fracturing, to improve the lifetime of the underground concrete pipeline, corrosion-resistant concrete pipes are widely produced during these years, and PVC lined concrete pipes are common to see these days.


Lined Concrete Pipe Making Machine

concrete pipe machin
concrete pipe machine

Vertical concrete pipe machine is suitably qualified to make PVC lined concrete pipes, by vertical vibration force, the cement paste could completely cover the plastic stripe, and get the high tensile resistance. The lined concrete pipe manufacturing process is similar to the ordinary concrete pipes, but the concrete should more liquid, slow down the concrete filling speed and vibration longer than ordinary pipes.

Follow the regular making process after put the PVC lining to the inner mold.



The main material of PVC lining is polyvinyl chloride, there are two shapes of line.


Testing of PVC lined concrete pipe

  1. Strength testing. Strength testing of PVC lined concrete pipes is no difference with reinforced concrete pipes.
  2. Leakage inspection of PVC line. Edm machines are the professional tools to inspect the leakage. Testing with this machine, when there is spark appears between the PVC lining and steel broom, that proves there is a leakage.
  3. Tensile resistance testing of PVC lining. Tensile resistance test to the PVC lining is necessary, and the tensile resistance strength should no less than 14N/mm.
  4. remanding of PVC lining. When there is a small broken like small hole or scratch, we could weld PVC patch to the broken area, and the patch should 12 mm bigger than the broken area in diameter. When there is a big broken area, the best way is to cut off the broken part, and pain glue to the concrete put on the PVC patch and then weld them together.
  5. Special tool or lifting tool should be used during delivery or transport in case any damage to the PVC lining
lined concrete pipe manufacturing
pvc lining concrete pipes

Connection Of Lined Concrete Pipes

There are two ways to connect the lined concrete pipes.

  1. overlap joint. overlap the inner PVC lining when joint pipes, and weld together with fuse machine, the welding width should more than 500mm. The detailed connection sees drawing below.
  2. Butt Joint. Butt joint connects two ends together after the antiseptic treatment to the pipe ends. Antiseptic treatment material like coal tar epoxy, and the thickness should more than 0.2mm. The detailed connection sees drawing below.

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