Concrete Pipe Manufacturing Process (Vertical Vibration Machine)


Vibration concrete pipe machine has features of highly mechanized, high density of finished pipes, good and surface, and quickly mold releasing. But you may wonder what the making process of this machine? Is it suitable for your current plant? Here are the details.

This simple chart could help you to understand how the machine process. And the process below helps to check all details.

flow chart

1. Clean the bottom ring, and the rings should be coated with mold release (you can use wasted engine oil instead of pro mold release)

bottom ring

2. Sit the out mold on to the bottom ring.

concrete pipe mold

3. Put the out mold into the working pit.

concrete pipe mold and hook

4. Start the feeding machine, and adjust the volume of concrete according to the dimension of pipes. Start the vibrator after the concrete fills about 50cm height of the mold. Vibrating while feeding concrete.

concrete pipe machine feeding

5. Feed the concrete to the top of the mold, start the hydraulic of pressing while vibrating, to form the joint.

concrete pipe joint forming

6. Lift the out mold and pipe out of the pit, delivery to the curing area.

concrete mold with pipe

7. Put the glass fiber or steel pallets on to the top of the pipe to protect the joint during the curing.

8. The pipe could self-cure with the heat of hydration of cement. And cover the pipe with plastic cover would help with the curing process.

concrete pipe curing

9. Product testing.

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