Essential equipment for concrete pipe manufacturing

Concrete pipes are widely used for their features of high strength and durable. More and more cities using large diameter concrete pipes as the utility tunnel instead of drainage underground while cable interlacing in the sky. As the development of industriousness and the mechanization, more and more factories adopted fully automatic plant instead of the traditional machine which uses more labor than the current system. Robotized by automatic accessories makes the plant more industrial, but the most essential parts for concrete pipe manufacturing remains.

What is the essential equipment for concrete pipe manufacturing?

Concrete pipe making machine.

Sure thing that this machine is the significant machines to make concrete pipes. There are several different machines which equipped with different technologies, centrifugal concrete pipe machine, roller suspension concrete pipe machine, the vibration concrete pipe machine, vertical concrete pipe machine and the radial press pipe machine.

Centrifugal concrete pipe machine is the only one uses wet concrete as the material, factories gradually abundant this process because it’s un-ecofriendly, and uses a lot of cement compared with the half-dry concrete technology. Labor cost is another reason people may dismiss this machine as we all know that labor cost is going high these days.

horizontal concrete pipe machineRoller suspension concrete pipe machine is invented by two engineers in AU, it’s still widely used in Asia for its simple structure, easy maintenance, and simple operation. However, this machine isn’t the perfection for mass production. As we can not open the mold instantly until the concrete becomes hard, it takes at least 8 hours to use the same mold for the next production cycle. Way to solve this is to have more molds for each size. The total investment will raise high when multiple molds are used in the plant.

Vertical concrete pipe machine uses the vibration technology, to compact the concrete to the maximum strength and density, and liquefy the cement paste during the production, it’s considered to be the most quality machine to produce the concrete product. Half-concrete as aggregate and after the high-frequency vibration force, the mold could be removed immediately after production, that enables us to have only one mold for each size. Because of the adjustable vibration force in this machine, the same machine can make concrete pipes, box culverts, manholes and other concrete products as designed.

Wire cage welding machine for concrete pipe manufacturing

Automatic wire cage welding machine is necessary for mass production. With only one worker’s operation, this machine could weld different sizes of wire cages in short time we can imagine.


Concrete batching plant.

For the traditional machine like roller suspension type, JS750 & PLD1200 batching plant is enough for use. But for the vertical vibration concrete pipe machine, the best choice would be the Planetary mixer. If the pipe plant is designed for automatic working, then the central controlled batching plant is the option.

Lifting equipment.

Crane plays an important role in mold lifting and pipe transportation. The span of the crane should cover the whole active area of the pipe plant. As the span and other specification of the crane are hard to be amended after installation, so the whole factory layout design should be made at the start.


The steam heat generated boiler used to shorten the hardness time of the concrete. It’s an important tool for making pipes in low-temperature area and in the urgent civil project. The boiler heat could make the concrete pipes to 70% strength in 4 hours or even more short. The capacity of boiler depends on the whole plant and the daily output.

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