Dingli Precast Box Culvert Mold For Meisi Lake International Culture Art Centre

Meisi Lake International Culture Art Centre located in ChangSha China, designed by the world-famous architectural designer, it has been one of the significant city cards in South of China.

meisi lake project

What is the underground Vessel under these fabulous architectures? Dingli is honoured to be the exclusive manufacturer of the precast box culvert mold for this project, and we are allowed to take a close look of this 23.4 square km tunnel, let see how it looks like.

concrte box culvert tunnel

This is the design of the three-cell precast culvert

This whole project is about 15.2 kilometres in length and the total investment up to 3 billion US dollars.

drawing of box culvert project
concrete box culvert

Installed box culverts have been connected like wind river

Let's take an inside view of this concrete creature.

There is enough space for people to walk through like a tour in a cave

inside of box culvert
inside of box culvert
height of box culvert

The box culvert line is laid greenbelt of the urban, all the power cable, water supply, reclaimed water, gas pipeline will go inside it. The dimension of box culvert is 10.4M in width and 3.7M in height, three cells are well organized, two sides cells are for power and gas separately, the mid cell is  utility for Medium-Voltage Power Cables, water supply, reclaimed water.

underground box culvert

Here is the control centre of the whole culvert line.

control cernter of box culvert
control centre

We can monitor all the details and conditions inside the box culvert line, we can also run a car from the control centre to the branches of the box culvert line for any emergency.

under ground tunnel
concrete box culvert precast

All the concrete box culvert for this project is precasted in the manufacturing factory instead of casting in site, this saves a lot of time for we don't have to wait for the next job before the concrete become solid when casting in site.

box culvert id

You may find the QR code on the up right corner of each box, that's the unique ID for these items.  We can learn information like when it produced, dimensions and other details for the record and retrace.

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