Lined Concrete Pipe Making Machine

Corrosion-resistant Concrete Pipes

Concrete pipes are widely used in sewer drainage system. However, the sulfuric acid from wasted water can make the concrete pipes fracturing, to improve the lifetime of the underground concrete pipeline, corrosion-resistant concrete pipes are widely produced during these years, and PVC lined concrete pipes are common to see these days.


Lined Concrete Pipe Making Machine

concrete pipe machin
concrete pipe machine

Vertical concrete pipe machine is suitably qualified to make PVC lined concrete pipes, by vertical vibration force, the cement paste could completely cover the plastic stripe, and get the high tensile resistance. The lined concrete pipe manufacturing process is similar to the ordinary concrete pipes, but the concrete should more liquid, slow down the concrete filling speed and vibration longer than ordinary pipes.

Follow the regular making process after put the PVC lining to the inner mold.



The main material of PVC lining is polyvinyl chloride, there are two shapes of line.


Testing of PVC lined concrete pipe

  1. Strength testing. Strength testing of PVC lined concrete pipes is no difference with reinforced concrete pipes.
  2. Leakage inspection of PVC line. Edm machines are the professional tools to inspect the leakage. Testing with this machine, when there is spark appears between the PVC lining and steel broom, that proves there is a leakage.
  3. Tensile resistance testing of PVC lining. Tensile resistance test to the PVC lining is necessary, and the tensile resistance strength should no less than 14N/mm.
  4. remanding of PVC lining. When there is a small broken like small hole or scratch, we could weld PVC patch to the broken area, and the patch should 12 mm bigger than the broken area in diameter. When there is a big broken area, the best way is to cut off the broken part, and pain glue to the concrete put on the PVC patch and then weld them together.
  5. Special tool or lifting tool should be used during delivery or transport in case any damage to the PVC lining
lined concrete pipe manufacturing
pvc lining concrete pipes

Connection Of Lined Concrete Pipes

There are two ways to connect the lined concrete pipes.

  1. overlap joint. overlap the inner PVC lining when joint pipes, and weld together with fuse machine, the welding width should more than 500mm. The detailed connection sees drawing below.
  2. Butt Joint. Butt joint connects two ends together after the antiseptic treatment to the pipe ends. Antiseptic treatment material like coal tar epoxy, and the thickness should more than 0.2mm. The detailed connection sees drawing below.

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