Precast Concrete Manhole Design and Manhole Making Machine

High frequency vibrating manhole well production line
Double station manhole well equipment production line
Operation simple, Highe versatility, which could produce round manhole, rectangular manhole, U channel, concrete pipes etc all kinds of shaped precast proudcts.
Round manhole well

Concrete manhole with base: the base is precasted together with manhole body, reduced the lifting work during installation, but not very convenient to install.

manhole with base
Square manhole well

Joints of Concrete Manhole

Joints between the manhole elements are almost the same with concrete pipes, there are flat joints, as well as male & female joints. The seals for the gap are cement plaster, factice, and rubber seal.

joint of manhole

Concrete Manhole Manufacturing

There are ways to manufacturing concrete manhole, by dry cast vibration machine and wet cast manual mold. are the most common two methods.


concrete manhole mold

Wet Cast Manhole Mold

Wet cast manhole mold uses the steel mold to manufacturing precast manholes, using wet concrete as aggregate, the finished manhole will cure inside the mold until it becomes solid to remove the mold. This mold is suitable for Low-Rate Initial Production.

manhole making machine

Automatic Concrete Manhole Machine

Concrete manhole machine uses dry concrete as aggregate, and with the high-frequency vibration force, the finished manhole product has high density and strength, the mold could be removed instantly after production. This machine is suitable for mass production.

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