Concrete Vibration Table


Is there any possibility that one machine could make short pipes, concrete manholes, concrete rings, box culvert, concrete U ditch and other irregular concrete elements? That would be the concrete vibration table. Newly-designed mandrel vibrators with high-powered vibration force enable the machine can make high-quality concrete element efficiently. Using dry concrete as the material, the product could be demold immediately after production.

vibration table

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Core Vibration system

The powerful vibrator could maximize the density and strength of the concrete. The vibration maximum frequency is 6000rpm, makes the concrete flow like liquid in the mould and form the perfect shape of the pipe with smooth surfaces.

Semi-automatic control

The individual machine is Semi-automatic with user-friendly control panels. Equipped with the roboticized accessories, the whole manufacturing plant could be operated fully-automatically.

Varies product available on one machine

Varies product available on one machine like manhole base, concrete rings, and manhole cone.

Easy-curing process

Dry-casting process and the high-powered vibrators produce the high strength manhole that only natural curing process could make it become solid quickly.

Easy to move

The simple structure made it easy to move from site to site, it can be located on the flat ground or the underground pit

Adjustable for Different Height

Felxible design for different height to meet customized project's requirement.

High level Customized

Customized dimension and design to meet the unique requirement for the client.

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