Precast Mold

Steel mould is significant to make precast concrete products , High-presise mould could assure the finished product as accurate as designed.

Dingli mould can be made as wet-casting and dry-casting. Out mould set on rails which makes easy to open and shut. Inner core mold is collapsed made demoulding easier and faster than traditional design.

Dingli mould provides tongue and groove joint and flat joint as options. The strict QC system assures the error of the mould no more than 1 mm. Varies dimension, the largest size could up to 11 meters.


Wet-casting & dry-casting

Wet-casting and dry-casting as options. Dry casting mould forms along the vibration, products could be demould instantly after production, and low-temperature curing helps to save energy cost.

Water-closed test

All mould pass the water-closed test in order to ensure the leakproofness

Easy to open

Out mould is set on rails, make it easy to open and shut.

Collapsing design

Inner core mould is collapsing design.

Customized design

Customized design, the largest dimension could up to 11 meters.

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