RCC Spun Pipe Making Machine

An Introduction to the RCC Spun Concrete Pipe Making Machine

The RCC Spun Pipe Making Machine was invented in 1943 and has a long history. Today, the concrete spun pipe machine is still widely used for it’s simple structure, low initial investment, and its high return on investment.

This machine uses half-dry concrete as aggregates, and a low cement-water proportion, which saves on overall cement costs. With the pressure between the steel roller and mold, and the rotating spinning force, the concrete forms into shape with both high density and strength.

RCC Spun concrete pipe machines can manufacture a variety of joints and dimensions of pipes. Flat, male & female, bell & spigot, and steel socket pipes can be easily made by this spinning machine. This cement concrete pipe machine can make pipes with a diameter of 200 to 2400mm, and length of up to 5000mm.

With accessories like the batching plant, crane, and concrete feeding machine, the whole plant could be designed as semi-automatic type, needing only 2 workers to operate it.

spinning concrete pipe machine

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Features of a RCC Spun Concrete Pipe Machine

This spun concrete pipe machine features: a simple structure, operational ease, low initial investment, and simple routine maintenance.

Historically, the simplicity of it's operation has made it widely used in precast industry, especially in lower budget projects.


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