Vertical vibration concrete pipe machine


Vertical vibration concrete pipe machine is regarded as a replacement of the traditional manufacturing facilities.

Equipped with the roboticized industry accessories, automation is available in the whole precast plant.

With powerful mandrel vibrator, the highest frequency of pipe machine could up to 6000rpm, these make the machine could produce almost any dimension of products from 300mm to 3600mm, and length could up to 3 meters.

Take dry-cast concrete as the aggregate, the mould could be removed instantly after production.

The vertical vibration concrete pipe making machine with new design could make PVC lining pipe, steel lining pipe, and GRP lining pipe.


Core Vibration system

The powerful vibrator in this vertical vibration concrete pipe machine, maximizes the density and strength of the concrete. The vibration force of up to 398KN, and the maximum frequency of 6000rpm, makes the concrete flow like liquid in the mold, forming a perfectly shaped pipe with a smooth surface.

Fully-automatic control

The individual machine is automatic with the user-friendly control panel. Equipped with the roboticized accessories, the whole manufacturing plant could be operated fully-automatically.

1 and 2 shifts available

1 and 2 shifts could be designed according to the requirement.

Easy-curing process

Dry-casting process and the high-powered vibrators produce the high strength pipe that only natural curing process could make it become hard enough quickly.

Different Pipe Variations

Vibration machines that can produce a variety of pipes such as: PVC lining pipe, steel lining pipe, and GRP lining pipes.

Change mold in 50 mins

Innovative design makes it possible to change the mold within 50 minutes, while the unique tensioning design greatly improves efficiency.

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