RCC Spun Pipe Manufacturing Machine

RCC spun pipe manufacturing machine is widely used in civil project and road construction, using the half-dry concrete as aggregate, compact the concrete into designed shape and sizes with the spun pipe making machine. The production cycle for each pipe could within 25 min, it's much efficient than the traditional manual process.

Proportion for RCC spun pipe manufacturing.

The cement, sand, stone is the main material for the aggregate, and the detailed proportion can be made according to the local standard, here are the details you main consider: concrete specification

The principle of pipe machine and the manufacturing manual.

Rcc spun pipe manufacturing machine is popular for its simple structure and easy maintenance. Consisting of machine structure, motors, roller, front frame, belt and control panel, assembles with different sizes of molds to make specific dimension of concrete pipes.

The steel mold rotates together with the roller and mold fills concrete into the high-speed spinning mold. the spinning force generated by this process compacts the concrete onto the inner wall of the mold. When the concrete thicker than the mold, the roller press the concrete in high strength. The concrete pipes forms during this process, spinning and compacting until the pipe becomes completely compacted and gained the smooth surface.

The main manufacturing flow is, concrete batching and mixing, delivery, start the pipe machine, adjust the rotating speed to 500rpm, then start to fill the concrete into the mold, turn the rotating speed to 1200rpm gradually to get concrete pipes compacted. Stop the machine when inner surface seems nice and smooth, lift the mold to the curing area. The steel mold cannot be removed until the concrete become hard enough. Water spreading curing still needed after the pipe in the stock area.

Quality issues may happen during the manufacturing process.

RCC spun pipe manufacturing machine is easy to operate, but the quality of the pipes mainly depends on the operation of the workers, unstable of the quality issue can happen is the worker is not experienced.

1.The inner surface is not smooth and even enough. why is this happen? The unconstant concrete filling could cause this problem. the resolution is filling the concrete in constant speed, when the roller touches the concrete, stop the filling and gradually turn the rotating speed to 1200rpm, to generate the centrifugal force and compacted the concrete, the pipe could acquire the high strength and density in 5-7 min.

2. The out surface is not smooth. There are two main reasons cause the defect of the pipe. The first one is the dry cement paste. Workers should clean the inner surface of the steel mold after demoulding to make sure there is no paste glue on the mold surface. The other reason causes the rough surface of the pipe is the concrete is too dry. make the concrete proportion strickaccordingg to standard, and shorten the delivery distance during production to prevent the water from evaporating.



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