Tips for Concrete Pipe Installation

Concrete pipes have been playing an significant role in underground pipe line, installation of concrete pipes is quite common in civil projects. Here are some tips may help you to improve the installation efficiency during the project.

concrete pipes
  1. Seals for pipe joint. Usages of rubber rings at the joint of the pipes instead of rubber strip.

2. lay the pipes immediately after the ditch is made, and backfill the soil instantly after the pipes is well installed. In some civil project, the pipes installs long after the ditch are made, install the pipe prompt after the ditch is made, is a better way.

concrete pipe lifting

3. There is lifting hook on the excavator , lifting after excavating to improve the efficiency.

lifting of concrete pips

4.Timbering could be used during the installation. It is not necessary to use the timbering when the ditch is not deep. However, the timbering will helps a lot when install in deep ditch. Two sides timbering and the support of the steel tube is easy to make, but convenient to use.

5.The gutter channel on the bottom of manhole base is precasted.

precast manhole

6. Use the laser locate during the straight installation and total station during the reverse installation.

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