What Is Concrete Pipe Making Machine And Its Function?

The development technology has reached the highest level where one can find solutions for everything. While concrete pipe making process was going through some difficult time concrete pipe making machine came into the market and saved the time. Earlier a lot of time was consumed to make it in a customized manner but this technology made the whole manufacturing a smooth process. This machine is versatile in approach as well which can enable table vibration or central core vibration and has Falcon control.

The concrete pipe making technology avails various optional features that can be installed in this concrete pipe machine in order to improve production value. It is great for handling machine easily that are swivel automation for swivel arm and concrete feeder which also includes vibrator and swivel arm, pendant switch for operation of concrete feeders, hydraulic pressing/rocking function, stationary control panel, R4 headers, lifting hole equipment, top ring system and much more. This vertical cast concrete pipe machine is a manually operated machine and thus, it can manufacture high-quality box culverts, concrete pipe, and complete manhole systems.

Designed with the state-of-the-art components, it is suitable for all types of concrete pipes of different shapes and sizes. Concrete pipe making machine can also make circular and non-circular pipe with “bell” or in-wall joint, reinforced and non-reinforced pipe, lined pipe, box culverts, jacking pipe, manhole risers, base sections, cones and cover slabs. It can enable versatile productions of pipe, culverts and complete manhole systems of up to 1500 mm in diameter for circular units and up to 1500 x 1500 mm for square units. Though the capacity of this machine depends on the kind of concrete pipe being produced, with the help of this machine all concrete pipes and manhole systems are manufactured with an inner lining of PVC, PE or GRP with special mold attachments.

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